BitClout is a social media platform that enables users to purchase and trade “creator coins,” which represent a stake in a creator’s brand. The platform has gained popularity recently, with its market cap reaching over $2 billion at the time of writing. BitClout has also garnered attention due to the presence of “whales,” users who hold significant amounts of the platform’s native cryptocurrency, BitClout.

One such user is RobertsDecrypt, who has amassed a fortune of over $170 million worth of BitClout. This article takes a closer look at RobertsDecrypt and their impact on BitClout.

Who is RobertsDecrypt?

RobertsDecrypt is an anonymous user on BitClout, and little is known about their identity. However, they have gained notoriety due to their substantial holdings on the platform. As of March 2023, RobertsDecrypt is the third-largest holder of BitClout, with a net worth of over $170 million.

RobertsDecrypt’s Activity on BitClout:

RobertsDecrypt’s activity on BitClout has been closely watched by the community due to their significant holdings. They have made several large purchases of creator coins, including investing over $10 million in the creator @elad, who is known for his work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

In addition, RobertsDecrypt has also made sizable investments in other popular creators on the platform, such as @nayib and @drew, as well as lesser-known creators. Their investments have had a significant impact on the market value of these creators’ coins.

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RobertsDecrypt’s Impact on BitClout:

RobertsDecrypt’s massive holdings have made them a prominent figure in the BitClout community, with many users closely following their moves on the platform. Their investments have also led to significant increases in the value of the creator coins they have invested in, which has, in turn, boosted the overall market cap of BitClout.

However, RobertsDecrypt’s presence on the platform has also led to concerns about the concentration of wealth on BitClout. Some users have criticized the platform for allowing large holders like RobertsDecrypt to have such significant influence over the market.


RobertsDecrypt’s massive holdings on BitClout have made them a noteworthy figure on the platform. Their investments have had a significant impact on the market value of creator coins and have contributed to the overall growth of BitClout. However, their presence has also led to concerns about wealth concentration on the platform. As BitClout continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how users like RobertsDecrypt shape the platform’s future.


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