Apple’s AirPods have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, but their high price tag can make them out of reach for some consumers. Fortunately, there are ways to upgrade your AirPods without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll explore two popular options: PodSwap and AirPods reselling.

What is PodSwap?

PodSwap is a service that allows you to trade in your old AirPods for a refurbished pair at a discounted price. The process is simple: you send in your old AirPods, and PodSwap sends you a refurbished pair that has been thoroughly cleaned and tested. The refurbished pair comes with a new battery and a 90-day warranty.

How does PodSwap work?

To use PodSwap, you’ll need to visit their website and select the type of AirPods you currently own. Next, you’ll need to answer a few questions about the condition of your AirPods, including whether they still work and if they have any cosmetic damage. PodSwap will provide you with a quote for your trade-in based on the condition of your AirPods.

If you accept the quote, you’ll need to send in your old AirPods to PodSwap. Once they receive your AirPods, they’ll send you a refurbished pair within three business days. You can also choose to add accessories to your order, such as a charging case or ear tips.

What is AirPods reselling?

AirPods reselling is a way to sell your used AirPods for cash. There are several online marketplaces where you can sell your AirPods, such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. The amount you can sell your AirPods for will depend on several factors, including their condition and the current market demand.

How does AirPods reselling work?

To sell your AirPods, you’ll need to create a listing on an online marketplace. Your listing should include a detailed description of the condition of your AirPods, including any cosmetic damage or battery life issues. You should also include several clear photos of your AirPods, as well as any accessories that come with them.

Once you receive an offer from a potential buyer, you’ll need to arrange payment and shipping. Be sure to use a secure payment method, such as PayPal, and ship your AirPods with tracking and insurance.


Upgrading your AirPods doesn’t have to break the bank. By using services like PodSwap and selling your used AirPods, you can save money while still enjoying the latest technology. Whether you choose to trade in your old AirPods or sell them for cash, make sure to do your research and use a reputable service to ensure a smooth transaction.


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